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I Speak Female


I Speak Female is a collection of poetry that caters to the real women of the world. Every issue that impacts women is poetically briefed within the pages of this book. Issues of Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Adultery and even One Night Stands are just a few of the subjects. I Speak Female Poetically is a great gift for any women of worth! 

What You Won't Do For Love

What You Wont Do For Love is my first novel! Released April 17, 2013 it gives a true, yet humorous view of the perils of love and relationships. Follow the lives of Ari, Tracey, Natalie, Monica and Jacki as they strive to deal with love and the perils that come along with it. Part two of this book will be released in 2017!.

Hot Water Cornbread

Hot Water Cornbread is a collection of southern receipes.  Down home favorites like Jambalaya, Ambrosia and many others are included in this book. Its also sprinkled with poetry and prose to add warmth to the belly. If you are an avid chef, add ths book to your collection.


Reflections Of Self

JUNE 2017: Reflections of Self is my first collection of poetry and short stories. Tales from my childhood and time in the military were the inspiration for this book. The cover has been revamped and this book will be available  June 2017